Friday, May 24, 2019

Special Abilities

We want special abilities to be a central part of Scrap Bringer combat. In between punches you'll have a wide variety projectiles, AOE attacks, status debuffers, and other effects at your disposal. However we will also limit you to three abilities at a time, making choosing your load-out a large part of the game. We're also approaching skills for this game with three unique skill "trees":
  • Tech is all about futuristic technology and involves weaponry like missile launchers, grenades, flamethrowers, drones, jet-packs, reactive shields, and nanobots. We want the high level tech user to feel like an unstoppable weapons arsenal.
  • Magic we decided we wanted to be unique, and so in our universe it exists as people hacking the fundamental laws of nature. So with gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak/strong forces expect to find abilities such as force push, lightning, teleportation, radiation, and nuclear explosion... 
  • Bio focuses on mutant powers and will have the main character growing claws and extra limbs, spitting poison, gaining super speed, burrowing, and transforming entirely into other beings. We want this play style to be quick, risky, and aggressive. 

For the Playcrafting Winter Expo we added three skills into our convention demo, one from each of these skill trees. Check out the descriptions and short clips below:

Missile is fairly generic at the moment. You shoot a projectile that does a high amount of damage to the enemy it hits, creating an explosion that does moderate damage knocks enemies back.

Force push sends out a large wave of energy, doing moderate damage and pushing enemies back. Currently it has a low cooldown, allowing you to cast it in rapid succession.

Claws makes your basic punch attack faster and gives it a larger radius, allowing you to mow down groups of enemies quickly. It also makes you look stylishly purple.

We know these names as the stand are certainly unimaginative, but they're simply placeholders as we develop the special ability system in more depth. Ultimately we want these special abilities deeply embedded within the lore of the world. We also plan on having multiple upgrades to each special ability, which modify them in unique ways. We'll show these upgrades off as soon as they're ready.

If you have comments or ideas that you'd like to share with us, we're be very eager to listen! Thanks for reading!

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