Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Working towards the demo

As we're closing in on the target date for our full demo, we're hard at work animating, sprucing up the combat system, and squashing bugs, among hundreds of other things. With that in mind we will probably not be posting updates on this blog as often, however you can definitely expect one or two more before the demo. We'll primarily be focusing our social media efforts to our Twitter (@PseudoZap), so be sure to follow us there. In addition, if you are interested in interacting directly with us, please feel free to join our discord (discord.gg/vfk49gG).

Lastly, check out this video below which we recorded of our most recent expo demo that attendees at PlayNYC 2019 had a chance to play. If you're interested in getting a chance to play our expo demo before the full demo is released, and you live in the NYC area, come attend one of Playcrafting's local events (https://playcrafting.com/events/).

One thing you'll notice after watching this video is that we're finishing up implementing the new art style. Let us know what you think! And again, stay in touch!

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